Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filter

Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filter

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Input / output diameter4"5"6"8"
Maximum watering capacity (m3/h)100120160180
(Minimum load (bar3333
(Maximum load (bar8888
tandard degree of filtration (micron)100100100100
Filtration level (cm2)4500450045004500
Maximum permissible drop (bar)2222


operating prinipal:

The operation of the Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filter is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. The suction (blow nozzle) rotates and spirals to effectively clean the entire screen surface.

In normal operation, impure water enters the filter through the inlet and passes through the coarse filter. 1-inch diameter nozzles remove large particles that may disrupt the subsequent process. Then the water flows into the screen surface and exits through the outlet. The remaining particles on the screen surface create a pressure difference (Δp) across the entire filter.

If the pressure drops to 0.5 bar, the control unit initiates the cleaning cycle by opening the drain valve to discharge the particles. The suction nozzles are connected to the collector pipe, which, through backwashing on the screen surface, effectively removes particles through the high-speed suction flow.

The water sprayed by the turbine collects the suspended particles through the rotation of the nozzles in the collector pipe. The piston ensures continuous movement along the screen surface and cleans the surface in 20 to 30 seconds. The water seal valve is closed, the piston jack returns to its original position, and it is ready for the next cycle. It is worth mentioning that this process can be adjusted to inactive, manual, and automatic modes using a three-way valve. Additionally, the cleaning process does not interrupt or disturb the filtration process.


-Competitive price and quality compared to imported samples.

-On-site installation by specialized personnel from Isfahan Plast, warranty, and after-sales services.

-Internal cartridge (mesh screen) made of stainless steel.

-Significant reduction in occupied space by the filtration station and very low-pressure drop.

-Significant reduction in time and water consumption during backwashing.

-No need for electrical power in hydraulic models.

-Ability to provide variable filtration degree upon customer request in the range of 50 to 800 microns.

-No need for an operator.

-Continuous water flow during backwashing.

-Utilization of state-of-the-art technology and localized production for this product.

-Long service life.


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