Bubbler Features

Bubbler Features

تماس بگیرید

A bubbler Features, also known as a sprinkler, is a type of polyethylene fitting used in drip irrigation. It disperses water in an umbrella-like pattern with a diameter of approximately 60 centimeters.

The operating pressure for the Isfahan Plast bubbler ranges from 1.5 to 4 atmospheres.

The structure of this bubbler does not have any moving parts, making it very easy to install.



To install a bubbler, follow these steps:

  1. Dig a hole in the soil and insert the base of the bubbler into the ground.
  2. Connect the drip irrigation polyethylene pipe to the inlet of the bubbler by applying pressure with your hand.
  3. Adjust the water flow by turning the flow control screw located on the top of the bubbler.
  4. This will regulate the water output from the bubbler.

The unique feature of Bubbler Features:

-Bubblers Features Isfahan plast, due to their internal filter or screen, function as a filtration device and are less sensitive to the clogging caused by the presence of salts in the water. Therefore, they are suitable for areas with low-quality water.


-Bubblers are suitable for watering plants and trees that require more water compared to other plants. They are commonly used in palm groves, pistachio orchards, and citrus gardens.

-They are also used for irrigating large trees, orchards, and greenhouses.

-They can be used for watering gardens, flower beds, and shrubs in green spaces.

-Bubblers are suitable for use on uneven terrains and mountain slopes.


-Bubblers are washable and can be easily cleaned.

-They are designed for continuous use.

-They are resistant to moisture and heat.

-They can be used both vertically and in multiple tiers.

-The water output from bubblers is relatively high, resulting in a shorter irrigation duration compared to other methods.

-They can irrigate multiple plants or trees simultaneously.

-When using this irrigation method, approximately 80% of the surface soil gets wet.


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