Fertilizer tank

Fertilizer tank

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Fertilizer tank is used for chemical and fertilizer injection through drip and sprinkler irrigation system.


Fertilizer tank:

This  has 2 entrances to the tank, which is placed on the water that is branched from the main pipe by the belt.
and in such a way that he first enters the water and then adds the solid fertilizer and closes the lid of the tank so that it is under pressure and by putting the tank under pressure, the fertilizers gradually enter the water path from the tank and are available to the plant Gives.
It can be placed before the inlet of the pump valve to prevent the return of water and fertilizer into the tank, or it can be placed in the distance between the inlet and outlet of the branch valve and placed half-open to prevent water from returning into the tank.


-Easy and simple installation.
-Low cost compared to other methods.
-No need for electricity.


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