Mini Disc Filter

Mini Disc Filter

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Disc filters have extremely narrow grooves on the plastic discs, which catch the particles and suspended substances of the water, and keep these particles until the washing process, and during the washing operation, the particles are cleaned from between the grooves of the discs. .


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Mini or small filters Isfahanplast, which are called disk or net filters with a low height (maximum 30 to 40 cm), have smaller components than medium filters and have a cheaper price.

Attributes :

-These types of filters have a lower capacity than regular disc and mesh filters, but nevertheless, they can be used in many small garden drip irrigation projects due to their reasonable price, easy installation, and light weight.

* The body of mini disc filters and mini net filters are made of polymer material and are rarely produced with metal body.

-The maximum water passing capacity in 2 inch mini or small filters is usually 5 to 6 liters per second, so for example in a design with a water flow of 6 liters per second, considering the reliability factor, at least two mini filters that They are connected in parallel to each other or a medium disc filter (with a maximum capacity of 8 liters per second) is used.


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