New well pipe

New well pipe

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New well pipes are polymer pipes produced in various sizes and pressure ratings.Their main application is to transport water and fluids from inside the well to the outside using a pump or a float.

Newwell pipes are made of polymer material and have special flange connections made of metal and polymer. During production, they are integrated into a single piece.



Nominal SizeInternal DiameterA ClassB ClassC ClassD Class
(inch)(m/m)Thickness (mm)Thickness(m/m)Thickness(m/m)Internal Diameter (m/m)Thickness(m/m)

Connection and Waterproofing Method:

To connect New well pipes inside the well, first place the O-ring seal on the male flange edge of the New well. Then, place the flange of the other branch on it and connect the flanges using bolts and nuts.

*Please note that when securing the pump and floating inside the well, it is necessary to use a wire rope (cable) to apply less pressure on the New well pipe.

The unique feature of New well pipes:

the use of a metal structure in combination with polymer. This combination provides the pipe with higher strength and resistance against tensile forces. It also enhances properties such as resilience, elasticity, adhesion, and overall durability of the pipe.

How to use the New well pipe at different depths of the well:

These pipes are manufactured in 4 working classes to meet different usage conditions.

Newell pipes are produced in lengths of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 6 meters.


The unique feature of New well pipes:

  1. Use of standardized polymer raw materials.
  2. High resistance to all types of chemicals and acidic water.
  3. High resistance to corrosion and corrosive substances.
  4. No need for welding or cutting during installation.
  5. Seamless connections with zero water leakage from the pipes.


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