Rain sprinkler 1203

Rain sprinkler 1203

تماس بگیرید

A sprinkler 1203 is a device that disperses water in the form of very fine and uniform droplets, similar to rainfall, providing the necessary water for plants. Fine powder-like droplets are created when high-pressure water passes through very small nozzles or sprinkler heads, resulting in a spray radius of 18 meters.




– The most common application of this type of irrigation method is for cultivating alfalfa, wheat, and potatoes.

– Distributing chemical fertilizers dissolved in water.

– Preventing frost damage to trees and plants, especially in early spring.

– Facilitating better germination of shallow-planted seedlings.


– Resistant to sunlight radiation.

– Fully competitive with various metal sprinklers.

– Optimal utilization of cultivated land area.

– Reduces weed density in the field.

– Suitable for steep slopes, low-lying areas, and elevated terrains.

– Utilizes cutting-edge technology for smoother and more uniform water distribution, ensuring consistent crop growth throughout the desired radius


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