Short Helical Disc Filter

Short Helical Disc Filter

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Isfahan Plast disc filter has ultra-thin grooves on the plastic discs that catch the suspended particles and water and keep these particles until the washing process.
During the washing operation, the particles are cleaned from between the grooves of the discs.


Technical specifications:

In the new generation, the produced filters are designed with a special form to increase the filtration level and ensure the separation of particles, as well as optimal performance during washing.
In such a way that it has radial grooves in both surfaces and in the form of a funnel. That is, their diameter decreases from the surface of the disc towards the inside. These filters are equipped with a helical drop in the water inlet, which if installed in any position Upward or downward, it acts like a hydrocyclone and separates coarse particles.
This action, in addition to helping the filtration process, reduces the need to wash the filter.


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